Monday, November 8, 2010

FILM: The Examined Life, this Thursday!

Our next meeting is THIS Thursday at 3:15pm in the Philosophy Dept lounge at 14 Glebe Street.

Please join us to watch the documentary "The Examined Life" about "philosophy in the streets" featuring dialogues with Cornel West, Avital Ronell, Peter Singer, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Martha Nussbaum, Michael Hardt, Slavoj Zizek, Judith Butler, and Sunaura Taylor. 

"The documentary Examined Life grounds philosophy in real world issues. Through a series of brief interviews with some of today’s most provocative thinkers, the film addresses issues of ethics, morals, citizenship, democracy, disability, sexuality, consumerism, social contract theory, revolution, and human vulnerability and interdependency. The film’s purpose is to rescue philosophy from the sterility of academia and to use it for self-improvement and social justice."

read the rest of a review HERE
and read the IMDB HERE

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  1. Also, check out this RSA Animate from Zizek: